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Fix Invalid Security Certificate Error in Firefox

If you happen to visit sites with self signed security certificates you will notice a error in firefox saying

This site uses an invalid security certificate.

The certificate is not trusted because it is self signed.

(Error code: sec_error_untrusted_issuer)

Firefox shows this message many times while you browse that site. Fortunately there is a way to add the certificate of that site manually. Here is how to do it.

--- Go to Tools --> Options in the menu bar of firefox.

--- Now click on the Advanced tab and then on Encryption tab

--- Now click on the Certificates button shown in above image. You will see the certificate manager as shown below.
--- Now click on the Add Exception. You will see the following screen.

Here add the site you want to get the certificate to. Then click on get certificate. Firefox will check for the certificate and show it.

--- Now select Permanently store this exception and then press Confirm Security Exception.

That's it you will no longer get the self signed security certificate error for that site. You can also add other such sites following the above steps.


Ashok R said...

Basically SSL cert. is expired for my localhost. So, when I type https://localhost/ and click on Get Cert. button, the Alert message popups and it disables the checkbox for Permanantly... and "confirm security exception" button too.
Need help imdly.
This is really frustrating.

Kitty said...

Hello, I am getting this for all sites, even the Mozilla/Firefox website and have to click add exception on every page. I have reinstalled the newest and it still happens. any suggestions? thanks

Anonymous said...

Try checking time, date, etc. Mine was not correct. Fixed it and no more invalid certificates.

Anonymous said...

How do I make it so that firefox doesn't look for this? In internet explorer, it just gives a warning, and then allows you to select to go to the site anyway, without ever having to go through the hassle of manually entering an exception. Is there a way to do this for firefox?

This is a HUGE PAIN for people with laptops who use public wifi, to have to manually enter every local webpage that they ever encounter!

Steven Souders said...

SOLUTION: I tried everything to get past this issue. I would get the dreaded error "security Certificate not valid" on every Secure site I went to. I tried coirrecting the time on the computer as it was suggested that the computer time being wrong was the problem, tried registry fixes, you name it...nothing worked. So here's the skinny, just back up your bookmarks, uninstall Firefox, reboot, run a registry cleaner, reinstall Firefox, re-import your bookmarks...problem solved!!!

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